SECURE AUTOMATIONS is a leading supplier of Residential & Commercial Automation products like Remote Control Gates, Security Cameras, Automatic Rolling Shutter, Automatic Boom Bariers, Automated Blinds, Automate Garage Doors, Intrusion Alarms, CCTV Survial Systems, Video Door Phones, Motion Sensers, L.E.D bulbs etc...

We the exclusive agent and distributer of the STANOLI,ITALY in india. STAGNOLI ITALY has been the market leader of Residential & Commercial Automation PSroducts in Europe, Saudi Arabia & all over the world.STAGNOLI has been established into a well consolidated brand in Residential and Commercial automation over the years. since 1980

Each Automation system supplied by SECURE AUTOMATIONS has been designed and implemented to make the daily lives of the people easier and safe.

SECURE AUTOMATIONS offer not only Superior Quality Products Service but also Unmatchble after sale support available in the industry .We are always on call for our Custmers 24/7.

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